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Kelburne Mountain View Holidays now offers tour packages. We provide personalized service and customized tours to meet your needs and requirements.  Let us know if you would like any help being picked up from the airport, booking accommodations, visiting sites of interests, or doing it all!

We are more than happy to help!

We specialize in tours in and around the Uva Province…one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas in Sri Lanka that is often overlooked. So, do stay at Kelburne for a few days and let us take you around.

The Ramayana Trail - 7 Nights/8 Days

Our "Ramayana Trail" follows the locations where Sita, wife of Prince Rama of Ayodhya,was imprisoned to the great battle fields where King Ravana’s armies clashed with Prince Rama’s soldiers, and finally where Sita was freed.

Glimpse of Uva - 4 Nights/5 Days

The Uva Province, located in southeast Sri Lanka, is unparalleled in its natural beauty. On your tour, enjoy sparkling waterfalls, see beautiful vistas, and be amazed by the wildlife, history, heritage, and the people of Uva.

Explore Haputalé and Kataragama - 4 Nights/5 Days

Spend your time in the Uva Province exploring the quaint town of Haputalé. Spend your days relaxing the midst of a tea estate, overlooking stunning vistas, and visiting interesting sites, including a trip to a tea factory where you will learn the art of tea production as well as the National Park, where you can see the elephants. Spend a day in Kataragama an important religious site. 

Explore Haputalé - 2 Nights/3 Days

Visit the town of Haputalé in the Uva Province. Spend your days relaxing in the midst of a tea estate while overlooking stunning vistas and sipping the finest tea in Sri Lanka. Visit a few sites of interest, all the while rejuvenating before heading back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

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